Rockin’ Ways to Save Money at Guitar Center

Small appliances and organs. That’s how it started. In 1959 Wayne Mitchell bought the small appliance and organ store in Hollywood California and when the British Invasion hit, Mitchell knew he had to act. After hearing The Beetles, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks, he could feel America’s need for guitars and amplifiers started to build. So, taking a huge risk, Mitchell opened the first Guitar Center.

The space was by no means fancy; there was old carpet held together with duct tape and display cases bought from bankruptcy sales. It didn’t matter to Mitchell though; his focus was on the magic that was rock and roll. To get the word out about the new store, he kept it open twenty-four-seven for eleven days setting a Guinness Book world record and also created the world’s largest Les Paul guitar cake. The stunts worked! Mitchell was able to open stores across the US and by the ’80s had a flagship store on Sunset Boulevard.

In 1999 Guitar Center expanded their reach online by purchasing the online retailer, Musician’s Friend. They also bought Music & Arts in 2005, which is now the largest educational music source in the country.

Today, Guitar Center is America’s largest musical equipment retailer. There are 294 stores in the United States and the option to buy online to add convenience to customers. They strive to give their customers the best products possible and encourage them to pick up instruments and try them out. It’s basically a musician’s toy store! There is a wide variety of musical instruments, guitar gear, and musical equipment from all your favorite brands available at every Guitar Center, and customers can even sign up to take lessons from a sales person or professional musician right at the store too.

Guitar Center often has special sales on select items or brands to help make musical instruments and equipment more affordable to customers. Financing and rentals are available through Guitar Center too. They also have a price adjustment and price match guarantee as well.

What Is Price Matching?

Price matching is when a store will give customers a lower price on an item if the customer finds it at a different retailer with a better advertised price. Many companies will often offer price adjustments as well if a customer makes a purchase before the item goes on sale or they find the identical item at a different store for a better deal after making their purchase. For getting a price match, the customer just has to bring in an ad or show the price of the identical item at another store on their mobile device, and show it to the cashier. If they are making the purchase online, customers can contact customer service. Every store will have a different price matching policy.

How Does Guitar Center Price Match?

Guitar Center’s price matching is similar to most stores’ policies. But instead of the typical two-week time frame most stores give for customers to contact them about a price match or adjustment, Guitar Center gives their customers forty-five days. If customers find the same piece of equipment or musical instrument at a local store or authorized dealer for a lower price, they just have to bring in the ad from the other retailer at the time of purchase. If the purchase has already been made, and they are able to come back into the store, they will need to bring their receipt along with the ad for the item. Guitar Center will refund one-hundred percent of the difference for a price adjustment in the form of a Guitar Center coupon code or promo code, or a gift card.

For online purchases, customers can contact Guitar Center customer service online or by phone. When doing a guitar center price match online, the price is based on a complete total that includes shipping and handling charges, as well as sales tax.

Details and Exceptions

As with all retail shops, Guitar Center has restrictions when it comes to price matching and price drops. They will only price match items from an “authorized US dealer” or other guitar store that includes online or retailers with physical stores that sell and deal quality musical instruments, musical equipment, and accessories. They must also advertise in local and/or national papers, on the internet, in magazines, or in catalogs. Customers must also have the original ad and receipts when requesting a price match or price adjustment, and any price drops or adjustments are subject to item availability. A full list of Guitar Center’s guidelines can be found on their website (

Guitar Center also offers coupons to be used on select items. If customers wish to receive a guitar center coupon, they can sign up to get emails from Guitar Center. Customers will also get personalized notifications about upcoming special sales, new clearance items, and special events at their local store, including Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. There are also sites that customers can find a guitar center promo code to use on their online purchases. Using a coupon in-store or online is another great way to save some money on an old passion or a new hobby.

Guitar Center started because a man took a chance and predicted what this world would need at the time. Today Guitar Center funds a variety of music programs to help people find and continue to grow their love of music no matter what their age might be. Guitar Center reaches out to help connect communities through music.

Even if a person isn’t really a musician, they will have a great time walking around their local store admiring the beautiful instruments and listening to people play and test out the equipment. It may even spark a new interest in music and with some savvy shopping, a customer may just find a fantastic deal, giving them a great excuse to buy that instrument or take a lesson.

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