Kohl’s Price Match Policy: Saving You Money

Maxwell Kohl opened his first Kohl’s store in 1962 in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Before the department store, Kohls was a supermarket that Maxwell built in 1946. It was southeastern Wisconsin’s first supermarket chain. By 1987, the Kohl’s department store was ranked number eight in Wisconsin’s top 100 privately-owned companies, and in 1992 there were 79 stores located in the Midwest. The company continued to grow and in 2001, kohls.com was launched to further its presence. Becoming an online retailer helped them be more available to their customers and grow as a company. Today there are over 1,100 stores in 49 states. Kohl’s has been around for over 50 years, excelling as a company to improve the experience for their customers and staff.

Kohl’s is a well-known retail store that sells clothes, shoes, home goods, and a variety of other tools and toys. They offer their customers great ways to save money when shopping in-store and online, sending out weekly ads in the mail, through email, or newspapers that often contain at least one coupon and advertise current sales. They offer specials during holidays, and major shopping weekends throughout the year. In-store there are always racks of items that are either on sale or have gone on clearance to make way for new products.

A Few Awesome Savings Tips

A great savings tip is to stack coupons with the Kohl’s rewards program or Kohl’s cash when making a purchase. The Kohl’s rewards program is their free shopper loyalty program where customers can earn points to get money off and often get a special birthday gift. To enroll for a Kohl’s rewards account, customers just need to go online and create an account. The points earned through the reward program are converted into Kohl’s cash on the first of the month. Kohl’s cash is “money” that can be used in-store and online, or in the Kohl’s app. Kohl’s cash is also earned on everyday purchases. Another option to help further your savings is to sign up for a Kohl’s charge card, as Kohl’s cardholders earn Kohl’s cash faster and get more rewards.

Along with these great ways to save money, Kohl’s also offers price adjustments. Price adjustment is an opportunity to get money back on things that have gone on sale after purchasing them. The Kohl’s price adjustment policy will honor an adjustment if a customer contacts them within two weeks of the purchase date. As long as you are not purchasing clearance items, a Kohl’s Care piece of merchandise, an identical product that was not/is now not part of a Buy One, Get One deal, and is not an excluded product, a price adjustment policy request will be granted. To get the refund, all the customer has to do is contact customer service online, by phone, or by going to the store’s customer service desk with the receipt while the item in question is still on sale. For items bought online with promo codes that are available for a price adjustment; the promo code must be valid when the order was placed and any further promo code or coupon code that the customer wishes to use must still be valid as well. The refund will then be processed onto your Kohl’s card, gift card, in Kohls cash, a Kohl’s coupon, or just simply refunded onto your credit card.

But Does Kohls Price Match?

Yes, Kohl’s does offer price matching on identical products that are available through their local competitor. Kohl’s also offers price matching for online retailers and any online competitor as well.

Price matching is when companies give their customers the opportunity to save money by matching an online or local retail competitor’s price to earning more sales. It also saves the customer time; they can get everything they need at one store or from one online retailer instead of searching around for that certain item. Stores such as Walmart, any Target store, and other retail store locations will offer price matching, price protection, or price adjustment. Every store is going to have its own price match guarantee and list of exceptions, so it benefits customers to check with each store to know what the price matching policy is and what they need to bring in to get a better price on the item they are looking for.

Kohls will match their local retail competitor’s price in-stores and will also match the kohls.com online price of an item that is in store. For matching the Kohl’s store prices to the online price from kohls.com, the customer simply shows the price of the identical product on their mobile device to the cashier at check out. For in-store price matches, Kohls asks that customers bring in the printed advertisement of a local competitor. It is important for the advertisement to have a product description and the competitor’s current/valid retail and/or sale price. As an added bonus to getting the price match; customers can earn and redeem Kohl’s cash and Kohl’s rewards on price-matched items.

For added convenience, price matching is also available for kohls.com orders. They will match a competitor price as long as it meets their price match policy. The online retailer must be a non-wholesale with a physical store and online presence. The item must be identical, as with any other price matching policy. Customers can request a price match online by contacting customer service via chat or phone.

Details and Exclusions

There are some exclusions to their price matching policy and price adjustment such as promotional offers and money or percent off coupons can’t be applied to a price-matched item. Special offer prices that are advertised by kohls.com or competitors during the week of and after Thanksgiving (like Black Friday or Cyber Monday Kohl’s store prices), are excluded and will not be price matched. Kohl’s coupon excluded items (a full list of excluded items and brands is available on kohls.com) are not eligible for price matching either. These exceptions extend to all in-store and online purchases.

Kohl’s offers some great ways to save money at their stores and reward their customers for shopping. With the combination of coupons, Kohl’s cash and Kohl’s rewards, and price matching, customers can walk out of the store paying nearly nothing for their purchases. Kohl’s offers a wide variety of clothes for men, women, and children to keep them stylish and ready to conquer a new job or first day of school. This store can help make a house a home, make travel easier, and so much more. There is something for everyone, and even if a customer can’t make it to one a physical Kohl’s store, online ordering is a convenient option as well.

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