AutoZone Price Match Policy: Essential Info

AutoZone has been a household name in the auto parts world for nearly 40 years. Starting back in 1979 as AutoShack, the company was rebranded in 1987 and is considered the largest retailer of auto parts in the United States. Like many a large auto parts retailer, we have established practices of contracting with automotive shops to offer expedited on-site delivery services so that employers don’t have to constantly drive out on business time to retailers nor have to deal with significant lag time to get parts delivered.

If you are a frequent shopper of auto parts, or you work in an automotive shop and are constantly in need of auto parts, you are probably always looking for a great deal. There are plenty of places to shop for parts, and most stores should have the same parts in stock. But more times than not, we know that each auto parts store can set their own price, and without checking each store, you’ll find that sometimes you are not getting the best price.

What Is Price Matching?

The practice of price matching is common practice for many retailers. In a general sense, it means that if you find an advertised price somewhere else that’s cheaper amongst our established competitors, the auto parts retailer will allow you to purchase the said product for the cheapest verified price you can find. The reason why a customer may ask for a price match guarantee comes down to loyalty, they find that they generally enjoy the atmosphere and have great customer satisfaction, and would rather keep coming to said company as long as they can keep getting the best prices. And when that company can match their competitor’s prices, and have great genuine parts and a lifetime warranty, that customer will likely keep coming back for business.

So the question you are all probably asking is does AutoZone price match? The answer is an emphatic yes. You will never have to worry again about running into this problem. AutoZone has proudly upheld and maintained its price matching policy so that whether you do research ahead of time, or realize after the fact that there is a lower price out there, you can ensure you are always getting the best price out there for your parts. We will highlight below our terms and conditions for every price match policy that we offer. While AutoZone does its best to ensure the best price match policies out there, there are some restrictions in place that you should know about.

History of Price Match Guarantee

AutoZone has always been committed to offering the best prices out there with the largest selection of auto parts for both the general public as well as local automotive repair shops. Our price-match policies have been around for nearly our entire existence. Before online retailer shopping, many of our competitors would advertise their products in the form of catalogs and newspaper clip outs, and therefore it would be easy for someone to come into our store and have clear evidence of a price match to show the store manager.

In today’s world, it has become more challenging to uphold fair and competitive pricing structures due to the nature of online retailer shopping. Many third-party providers may advertise rates below what we and our main competitors offer, but there may be shortcuts and loopholes that they use to undercut our prices. AutoZone tries to be fair as possible, but the geographical constraints of price differential and the unverified practices of small third party the online competitor market doesn’t always make it easy. That’s why we try to be as transparent as possible and ask you to refer strictly to our competitors when implementing our price match guarantee policies.

In Store Price Match

When it comes to in-store price matches, there are a few basic rules you’ll need to follow to receive your appropriate price adjustment. For starters, you will need to show credible evidence that the product you are looking for a discount on is at the discounted price at another store, be it a local competitor, a Walmart store or Target store, or an online competitor. This can easily be achieved by either printing out the product description with the advertised price from the local competitor’s website, or just showing the actual page to a customer service representative or store manager. Keep in mind that in order to get the price match, it has to be the exact identical item in question. If the price match is not through one of its established competitors in the same geographical area, the retailer will not afford the price match.

Online Price Match

Online price purchases are where AutoZone is most likely to not price match anything you find online. AutoZone will only price match online against a main established competitor such as Advance Auto Parts and Walmart. However, it is strongly encouraged you print out or have research readily available before visiting an AutoZone store to receive your price match. Doing an Amazon price match at an AutoZone store is uncommon and generally not honored. Obviously, if you go to an AutoZone local store and see a price more expensive than what it shows on the online AutoZone website, you can just show the employee the online store price and they will give you that price adjustment off of your order, or in an AutoZone coupon or store credit for the future.

Competitor Coupons

Competitor coupons can be tricky, because if a retailer offers you a discount based on a general store discount and not a specific product, then AutoZone can’t guarantee you will get the price match. The exception would be if there’s a specific item in reference that both AutoZone and the competitor both have, and they both reference the same regular price. If that’s the case, then the competitor coupon can be applied at the advertised discount. If it is an AutoZone coupon from another store, you will likely be able to receive the discount.


Getting that car part you need can be a very expensive acquisition sometimes yet critical to get a car back on the road. So whether you are working on your own vehicle or are part of an auto repair business, you never want to find yourself overspending on many of these parts. You can rest assured that when you come to our retail establishments, we will always do our best to give customers the best fair deal we can give. We believe our price match policies are some of the best ones out there because we also believe we offer some of the best prices out there on many of these car part prices. Whether you need a headlight, brake pads, a fuel pump, a car battery, an oil filter, or anything more, come to your AutoZone local store to get the best genuine parts, a lifetime warranty, and great AutoZone rewards! So come to our store today, so we can get you what you need at the price you deserve.

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