Sephora Price Match Policy

If you are a frequent user of beauty products or are always looking for the latest and greatest makeup products, there are a lot of places that you can go shopping for these products. Whether it is online on places like Amazon, or in large retailers like Walmart, there is always somewhere you can go to find it. But for many people, beauty products should only be bought at a place specialized for those products, and that is where a place like Sephora comes into play.

Sephora has been a household name in the beauty and makeup industry for quite some time now, with thousands of stores across many shopping malls and other retail plaza establishments. Not only do they carry the latest and greatest products, but their storefront has numerous brands to choose from whether it is eyeliner, lipstick, or mascara. Not only does Sephora carry a lot of these products, but they usually have some of the most competitive pricing on a lot of these products. But as expected when a beauty retailer has a lot of competition, they occasionally do not advertise the best price out there. So, the question is for those who are loyal Sephora customers is does Sephora Price Match?

What Is Price Matching?

Price matching is a prominent retailer standard where if a company offers the same product at a lower price, the retailer will match that competitor’s price if you can proof the cheaper price from the competitor. While it is common for some items to be sold at numerous retailers and online warehouses, in most cases Sephora does offer a price matching policy against its competitors, such as Ulta Beauty, Walmart, and the neighborhood drugstore or department store.

Sephora has been around since 1971 and is a worldwide retailer of all beauty products. Its price match policy although in place is only applicable to a reserved number of competitors. This is because Sephora tends to have specialized products, that other competitors likely would not carry the beauty brand that Sephora has in place. Therefore, some common places that Sephora might price match with include Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Ulta, and Nordstrom. Sephora does not currently do price matches with online order platforms like Amazon, but they will match their own promo code or rewards deals on the Sephora app or online purchases.

How Does Sephora Price Match?

The Sephora Price match policy is only applicable to identical items and brands, and therefore you cannot ask for a price match if it is a similar item different brand that another competitor has. The price match must take place within five days of the purchase, including online purchases, and cannot be used if the competitor is offering the discounted price through a coupon, Black Friday sale, or a general store sale. The Sephora employee will also not apply the price matching if a competitor or Sephora has an item on clearance, or with an existing Sephora discount code.

Price adjustment is another common policy that many retailers tend to follow, where if a customer purchases an item from a retailer and that retailer discounts its price within a defined period following the original transaction date, the consumer can request the difference back in either store credit, a Sephora gift card, or a partial refund. Price adjustment can only be applicable to the store’s price itself, meaning if you see a discount elsewhere after you made your purchase, you will not be able to request the store credit, rewards, or gift card at price.

Sephora does not currently implement a price adjustment policy. The only way to get a price adjustment is to go to your nearest retailer and return the item for a new one. So, for example, if you made a purchase and you notice a new discount or Sephora coupon for a beauty product, you must return to the store within 60 days of purchase to receive the discount per the return policy. You might still be able to get the credit or rewards program points even if the product was partially used.

Another avenue to consider is that while Sephora may not have price adjustments, they are usually very generous with in-store coupons, Black Friday deals and other promo code items on the Sephora app, and online Sephora coupon codes. So, while a competitor may have a lower price, you might find that with a coupon code you might end up getting it for a discount anyway.

Details and Exceptions

If you make an online purchase at Sephora’s website, you will not be able to get the price adjustment policy online and will have to go into a retail store to return the product you bought online. While you can try to reach out to customer service or a Sephora employee over the phone, it is strongly recommended to go to your nearby store if possible, for a faster transaction.

Sephora price match policy generally applies to most of the consumable beauty products in store. If you do online purchases through Sephora’s website, items may be challenging to implement the price match and price adjustment policies. However, if you do make a purchase in a Sephora store or online and you later see a markdown on Sephora’s website, you can call customer support or go to your nearby Sephora store and they can try to assist in providing your store credit.

In conclusion, Sephora has a reasonable price match policy that you can utilize for most standard regular transactions, but these requests will all be within reason. As mentioned, Sephora has a strong loyal customer base and has always done its best in providing the lowest prices of various beauty, fragrance and skincare products. But it is understandable that with a lot of competition comes a competitor’s ability from time to time undercut a price, and that’s when Sephora in most circumstances wants to give the best price, they can on high-quality beauty brand products. So, you can be confident the next time you or your fellow beauty lovers are looking for the best beauty, fragrance, and skin care products on the market, you do not need to go to a department store or drugstore to find the best price. Sephora will do the best they can to match whatever is out there within reason. We wish you luck with your next shopping excursion at Sephora.

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