Cabela’s Price Match Policy: The Essentials

Hello and welcome to 2021! You might be reading this and wondering how you ended up here. That is okay because what I am going to be talking about is going to wow you. To begin, have you ever heard of Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s? The answer is probably yes or at least a maybe. For all of you who are into camping, fishing, and hunting needs, Cabela’s has probably been on your radar for getting the necessary essentials to fulfill your needs. In fact, thousands of people consider Cabela’s to be their shop to shop at and stock up for their excursions into the great wilderness.

Cabela’s is a recreational merchandise retailer founded as a subsidiary store of the infamous, Bass Pro Shops. The corporation was originally started by the Cabela family, specifically Richard and James Cabela. The big box store retailer has locations across the United States and Canada, selling its brand and other popular merchandise brands since 1961. In 2004, the brand went nationally public, opening stores across the nation. The subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops is widely known for the in-house brand of recreational and outdoor gear, including a gun shop and ammo, fishing gear and hunting gear, and camping gear, but also is widely known for its policies that have helped many shoppers save money on their shopping trips.

What is Price Matching?

If you already are familiar with price matching in retail stores, you would know how useful it is for a lot of shoppers. If you do not know, think of it this way: you go to your local grocery store and you want to buy a bag of cat litter. The cat litter you typically purchase, brand, and type, is priced at twenty dollars. However, you found an advertisement for a competitor that lists the price of the cat litter in their store at fifteen dollars, saving you five dollars. You cannot go back to that store because you do not want to waste the gas, but you still want to save money. This is when you would show the clerk or manager the different prices and the lower price would be honored. Some retailers have different policies when it comes to price matching but think of it like that. You want to purchase an item that costs less elsewhere, so the price is honored in order to help keep your business as the customer.

Popular Retailers and Policies

There are a lot of popular businesses you shop at daily that most likely have a policy like this that you did not know about. Whether it be an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, more often than not, there is going to be something relatively close or like this. For example, one of the best price match policies that actually combine price adjustment for the customer and lower price overall would be Lowe’s. Lowe’s is a popular destination for the DIY person or the handyman, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures, paint and painting accessories, and gardening supplies, as well as so much more. This unique policy actually allows the customer to not only have a price matched from a competitor but will actually lessen the price up to ten percent than the competitor if the customer finds a price lower. The next time you are out shopping, check out what the retail policies are in the store. You might be surprised.

Price Match Policy at Cabela’s

There are a lot of price match policies out there, but this article is intended to focus on Cabela’s. The retail store offers a tagline of “We Won’t Be Undersold!” meaning they refuse to have a price come between their customers and the best there is to offer with their merchandise. Cabelas price match has two rules that enable a product to qualify for the discount. The first criteria are that the product must be an available product either in the store or online. The second is that the product has to be available at a lower price at a qualifying retailer or on a qualifying website.

So say you went into a Cabela’s near you and you wanted to purchase a fishing pole, a tackle box, and a fishing line for your next boat trip over Memorial Day weekend. You decided to wait a couple of days before making a purchase just so you can know for sure which pole you want to have for the type of fishing you would be doing. You decide to check out some different shops and retailers in your area, including Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods. You find the exact same pole on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods in your area, so you decide to purchase it. However, you have a lot of points racked up at Cabela’s and are earning your way towards money off of a future purchase. That is when someone tells you about price matching. You take this coupon code information to the store and after all of the boxes are checked, you walk out with a fishing pole and you saved a lot of money on your credit card on this purchase and your future purchase. Now, this policy works great with any local competitor that is listed on the store website, even the big corporation of Amazon as long as the product meets the right criteria.

The price matching policy can work in a number of ways other than this scenario, such as with the online price of an item. For example, you can actually price match between Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. This comes in handy if you happen to find a price that is much different than what is listed on the website or in Cabela’s physically. Say for instance the advertised price on the website is much different from the in-person sale price. When you go shopping, all you have to do is make sure to show the cashier or manager the price difference and it would be honored.

Bass Pro Shops Price Match Policy

Luckily, since they are affiliated with each other, Cabela’s coupons and sale prices (such as black friday, misprinted ad prices, or Cabelas coupons) can work between online retail websites affiliated with both stores. They’ll match prices from select online retailer stores like Dicks Sporting Goods, Sportsmans Warehouse, Gander Mountain, Bargain Cave, any Walmart store, or almost any local store that carries an identical product to the one your are trying to get the promo code on. There may be some exceptions to you getting the advertised price: if you already are applying a military discount, a Cabela’s gift card, a CLUB point, or any Cabela’s coupon code, you may not be able to receive the online price/promo code or have the price adjustment apply to your Cabela’s purchases unless you remove those other sale price items and pay for it with only your credit card. There may also be some exceptions to what promo code or online price adjustments you can receive at the gun counter, as Cabela’s purchases at the gun shop are often restricted by federal or state law.

Conclusion: Be on Your Merry Way into Savings!

After learning more about the policies backed by Cabela’s to help you save money on your next shopping trip, keep this in mind on each of your shopping trips. You might be surprised even more to find out the money you could be saving in an instant just by doing your research. Just make sure you enter the store with not only an open mind but also with as much preparation as you can to help you find the best deal on outdoor gear, fishing gear, camping gear, ammo, and more! For the future after you read this article, good luck and happy shopping trails to you in 2021!

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